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Business Development

In the Asia Business Lab, Asia experts pool their knowledge to successfully open up new markets with European companies.

The Lab founders know Europe and understand Asia. Together, they overcome cultural hurdles to secure decisive advantages in the Far Eastern growth markets.

The Asia Business Lab works in an interdisciplinary way — executives, business people, market researchers, marketing professionals, quality managers, lawyers and tax consultants.

In this way, the Lab provides a comprehensive range of economic activities for all companies and individuals who wish to relate to the people and markets of the future.

Business Development

in Asia

Our members receive the following support in Asian countries:

With the Asia Business Lab, you can take advantage of a proven network of experts in the target countries. This gives companies fast access to European and Asian sales markets.

Our experts evaluate the business objectives in each case on the basis of the current market situation and from the perspective of various specialist disciplines.

Whether entering the market in an Asian country or expanding an existing local representative office, our intercultural team provides all-important expertise and thus guarantees business decisions with foresight.


Due Diligence and Legal:

Expert assessments, import regulations, trademark law, technical product and declaration testing according to the applicable standards in the target country, distribution law, right of establishment, joint ventures


Strategic market development and information:

Market research, market surveys, trend assessments, store checks, competitive analyses, consumer surveys, focus groups, roundtables, delegation trips, background checks


Partner and Contacts:

Contact evaluation, production sites, contract manufacturing, quality assurance, product certifications, sales, taxes and finance


Negotiation and Certified Translation:

Professional translation for certified official documents, on-site interpretation support for business meetings and negotiations, on-site coaching



Interim management, project management, moderation, mediation


Members Only

Partnerships and networks are essential in Asian business.

Some of the offers are exclusively reserved for our members, including contact brokerage to companies and organizations in Europe and Asia.

All services and benefits are otherwise to be understood as an offer of the members to companies and organizations.

You can download the membership application form at the end of this website.


Supporting members of the Asia Business Lab are:


Lab Team

Dr. Klaus Beck is a lawyer and mediator. His practice focuses on commercial law, and in addition to German law, he is also familiar with Chinese law.

Klaus Beck has many years of work experience in Asia. He was the director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Beijing. His working and conversational languages are German, English, Chinese, Italian and French.

Regular publications and lectures complete his profile.

Hatto Brenner is an expert in the development of international projects and foreign market development for medium-sized companies.

He also organizes the implementation of export-oriented management seminars at home and abroad, certified by the International Chamber of Commerce Paris (ICC).

He is the author and editor of specialized books on international business development.

In addition, he is active in international organizations and professional associations (as president or board member) at the European Union of Medium-sized Enterprises (EUMU) and the OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern e. V. (OWWF).

Wolfgang Kohl is a senior executive in China, where he works for well-known, internationally renowned companies.

With a background in Sinology, Japanology and economics, he was a member of the board of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Beijing for eight years.

Currently, he supports Western companies in their activities towards Asia, focusing on the media industry, but also on the consumer goods industry.

He is a speaker at universities and governmental organizations.

Cordelia Noe is the founder of The Art Gorgeous Media Group. She also serves as a consultant to numerous institutions and corporate clients in the fashion and luxury segment for their engagement and communication strategy in the art world.

She has been based in China and Hong Kong since 2004, and has worked in Milan as well.

Cordelia Noe started as a consultant to European clients and institutions for contemporary Chinese art before founding the The Art Gorgeous Media Group.

Xueli Ren is a lawyer and tax consultant. She is a member of the Finance and Taxation Committee of the Shanghai Bar Association.

She studied law in Nanjing and Göttingen. During that time, she was a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

She advises numerous medium-sized companies as well as corporations on their investments in China and Taiwan. Her main areas of expertise are tax law, corporate law and labor law.

In addition, she has special expertise in issues relating to the particularly regulated sectors of chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

Kauppge Shang is a Chinese lawyer and tax advisor in the Munich office of a global advisory services provider for real estate funds, asset management, private equity and family offices.

Previously, he worked for several years at a leading consulting firm in Germany in the field of international tax law. Prior to his consulting activities, Mr. Shang was able to gain valuable experience and build extensive networks in the bilateral context of China and Germany in various functions, such as municipal official in Beijing and diplomat of the PR China in Munich.

In the meantime, Mr. Shang also served as managing director of the German subsidiary of a tourism group listed in China and has extensive experience in organizing customized European tours for VIP groups from Asia.

Oliver Wehrstedt enables the marketing of Western consumer goods in Asia with CMA Hong Kong.

The main focus of his work is business development for food and pet foods. This also includes the implementation of conformity tests and complex import registrations for many countries in the Asia-Pacific economic region.

He worked for many years in Beijing and Shanghai. While working with China-based international communication agencies, he assisted Western clients with marketing communications, for example Nestlé China, the American Soybean Association, the United States Potato Board, the Embassy of Switzerland in China, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Shanghai Volkswagen.

As part of his entrepreneurial work, he established the first supply chain for organic food from China to Germany.

Fresh Ideas

and Insights

We regularly provide you here with statements and background information on current topics from an Asian and European perspective. In this way, we help you to understand sometimes unfamiliar perspectives of the other culture.

Turbocharger for Global Trade: The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (17 November 2022)

There has not been many good news for international trade recently. However, the WTO has managed to push through with the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) now ratified by more than 95 percent of its member states. This marks a stepping stone. 


Regulatory Framework of PRC on Cross-border Data Transmission (15 September 2022)

This is the first article of our Series: Cybersecurity and Data Compliance in PRC. More will follow, stay tuned!  


China's Digital Currency (14 July 2022)

The future of money is also digital. Worldwide, 80% of central banks are considering the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). What is China planning with regard to CBDC?  


The EV Market in China (16 June 2022)

Germany is the cradle of the automobile. But China is making a huge push to become a global leader in the new EV (Electric Vehicle) segment. 


The coffee culture revolution in China (12 May 2022)

China is the land of tea drinkers. But coffee culture is booming and thousands of coffeeshops offer lifestyle and good coffee in China's big cities. 


"Dual Circulation" - China's Future Economic Development Model (14 April 2022)

"Dual Circulation" is to become the new economic framework for China's medium and long-term development. What is behind this buzzword? 


Beyond the meat (10 March 2022)

Consumption, acceptance and relevance of meat substitutes and plant-based food are increasing. What is the development in China? 


The new EU Market Surveillance Regulation (May 2021)

The new EU Market Surveillance Regulation will enter into force on 16 July 2021. 


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