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Markets, Perspectives

The Asia Business Lab is an association of top experts from all disciplines that companies need to be successful in Asian countries and economic zones.

The founders of the association are executives, business people, market researchers and marketing professionals, quality managers, lawyers, tax consultants and interpreters.

They live in both cultures. With their networks in the ASEAN region, they ensure a comprehensive range of economic activities for all companies and personalities who want a connection to the markets of the future.

Correct advice and reliable information save time, money and secure market advantages.

Team Spirit -

interculturally positioned

Dr. Klaus Beck [English Profile]

Hatto Brenner [English Profile]

Wolfgang Kohl [English Profile]

Cordelia Noe [English Profile]

Xueli Ren [English Profile]

Kauppge Shang [English Profile]

Oliver Wehrstedt  [English Profile]